Marico Veggie Clean- 400 ML

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Ingredients: Water, Salt, Naturally Derived Cleansers, Citric Acid, Food Grade Preservatives, Salt of EDTA, Food Grade Flavour


1) Pour half a cap or 5ml of Veggie Clean in 1Litre of water.

2) Soak your vegetables & fruits in the solution for 5 minutes.

3) Rub each piece thoroughly.

4) Rinse under running water


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Every time you choose Marico’s Veggie Clean, you make a positive choice towards a safer & healthier eating. With 100% natural cleansers derived from Coconut & Corn and Citrus Extracts, it removes 99.9% germs*, viruses*, pesticides, waxes & other harmful chemicals. Marico’s Veggie Clean is certified by both Indian & Australian experts as 100% Safe & Toxic-Free. The product doesn’t leave any aftertaste, smell, soapiness or residue on your fruits & vegetables making it completely safe. It has been made keeping in mind the health of the consumers. Marico’s Veggie Clean is 100% free of all harmful preservatives, chlorine, alcohol, soap, parabens, sulphates etc. We are proud to say that this fruit & vegetable wash liquid/cleaner is a safer & natural way to sanitize and disinfect your fruits and vegetables. We have ensured Marico’s Veggie clean not only removes unwanted germs and chemicals but also preserves the freshness of your fruits and vegetables keeping their natural properties/proteins/vitamins intact so that your family consumes safe, healthy & fresh fruits & vegetables. Whether you want to consume fruits/vegetables in their raw form, or you want to make your favourite salad or enjoy a sweet and delicious bowl of fruit salad, Marico’s Veggie clean is 100% safe to use on all fruits & vegetables (excluding mushrooms). Certified by Indian & International Experts, Marico’s Veggie Clean is 100% Safe, Toxic-Free & Scientifically proven to be more effective than just water or home remedies such as salt, vinegar, baking soda etc. Free of all harmful preservatives, chlorine, alcohol, soap, parabens or sulphates, this fruit & vegetable wash liquid is a safer & natural way to sanitize & disinfect your organic fruits & vegetables. It protects your family’s health by cleaning fruits & vegetables effectively without leaving any aftertaste, smell or residue. Not just that, Marico’s Veggie Clean is also the most economical fruit & vegetable cleaner that provides 40 washes in just Rs 69, making it Rs 1.7 per wash only. Just 5ml of Marico’s Veggie Clean in 1 litre of water is enough to wash your fruits & vegetables instantly giving you squeaky clean and, fresh & vibrant looking fruits & vegetables. *Basis lab test with representative microorganisms and viruses on select vegetables.

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